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Checklist Calculator

Checklist Calculator Checklist Calculator

Personal finance made simple

Easy and quick budgeting app, that allows you to calculate expenses via a checklist format – useful for a range of activities from holiday planning, to shopping lists or tracking incoming payments in a clear itemised way.

As easy to use as a pocket calculator - no need to sync any accounts or data in advance. Create simple lists of incomings or expenses - keep track of the balance.

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Checklist Calculator

Sanzo Color Palettes

Sanzo Color Palettes Sanzo Color Palettes

Color palette generator

Browse through a collection of over 300 colors and combinations inspired by Japanese designer Sanzo Wada’s work.

We’ve compiled a diverse list of colour shades and combinations to serve as creative inspiration for designers and artists alike. Our collection was inspired by Japanese artist Sanzo Wada, whose extensive colour research has been universally used as the basis for contemporary colour theory. Through Sanzo Colour Palettes, we aim to make his work more accessible, allowing users to browse through over 300 colour schemes, organised by shade, along with the relevant colour value references for either digital or print use.

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Sanzo Color Palettes


SpeechNotes+ SpeechNotes+

Record > Play > Transcribe

Simply long tap the microphone button to begin the recording the session on your device. There is no limit on the recording time and the audio file will automatically sync with iCloud, if the option is enabled.

To automatically generate a transcription from your recording, simply tap the audio file and select the transcribe option. You can copy, edit the text or add your own notes at any time.

Ideal for recording and transcribing interviews, meetings, lectures, podcasts, as well as your personal voice notes, with excellent accuracy (subject to audio quality) using the Apple Speech recognition framework.

Supported audio file formats include: FLAC, Apple Lossless, M4A, and WAV


Sun Intervals

Sun Intervals Sun Intervals

With sunrise and sunset alerts

Using a functional diagram and easy to read interface, Sun Intervals displays exactly how much daylight is left in the day in a large, while also allowing you to enable notification alerts for sunrise, sunset, first and last light times at the minutes set before the event.

Sun Intervals relies on GPS and built-in algorithms, so it does not use any of your mobile data or require an internet connection.

Sun Intervals can be useful to photographers & film production crews, astronomers, astrophotographers, hikers, campers, sailors, pilots, travelers.

Religious and yoga followers can benefit from the application as well to observe special requirements.

Sun Intervals

Oblique Strategies SE

Oblique Strategies SE Oblique Strategies SE

Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination

Oblique Strategies is a concept developed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt to help artists overcome creative block through lateral thinking. It consists of a deck of cards, each one containing a vague or ambiguous phrase which can be used to solve a problem intuitively, by breaking conventional thinking patterns and interpreting it from a new perspective.

This app aims to translate the essence of the original cards deck into a digital experience, making it accessible to a wider audience. It contains the original edition, as well as the newer decks, presenting them in a sleek minimalist style inspired by the original design of the cards. The user interface is simple and straightforward, built to encourage creative or design thinking without distracting from the process.

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Oblique Strategies SE Oblique Strategies SE Oblique Strategies SE

Barcodes Generator

Barcodes Generator Barcodes Generator

Scan, create and save barcodes

Suitable for a wide range of domains, businesses and individuals, you can now efficiently generate, scan and save a multitude of barcodes, choosing from 15 different categories available in the Barcode Generator. The most popular types include: UPC, EAN, QR and Aztec Codes, ISBN, ISSN, Code 39 and many more. It was tested and works with all the major marketplaces, including Amazon and Walmart.

With a clean and functional design, the Library feature allows you to save and access previously generated barcodes easily, by organising them in the form of a list, based on name, format or date created. These can also be saved to camera roll, printed or shared via email and social media.

Supported barcodes: QR Code, Aztec, ISBN, ISSN, UPC-E, UPC-A, EAN 8, EAN 13, PDF417, ITF, ITF 14, Code 39 (+), Code 39 m43, Code 93 and Code 128.

Barcodes Generator


Cardiogram Cardiogram

A minimal, user-friendly heart rate monitor

Cardiogram is a modern reliable tool that will help accurately monitor and record your heart rate in real-time, to help keep track of your health and performance. Just power on your sensor and start the app, it’s that easy!

No personal data is sent to our servers, no account or login required, all the information is stored directly on your iPhone and Apple Health app only. The app is integrated with Apple HealthKit to synchronize and record heart-rate data. No location services are used or required.

Cardiogram is compatible with a range of modern heart rate monitors with Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart or LE) available on the market. The app has been tested using multiple heart sensors, including Polar sensor (Polar OH1, H10, and H7) with excellent and consistent performance results.


Cocktail Manual

Cocktail Manual Cocktail Manual

Treat yourself today!

Write, collect and share your favourite cocktail recipes with friends. The app’s practical storage system allows you to navigate easily through ingredients, while also organising your recipes in clear step-by-step instructions, making them easier to follow.

Simply choose a base drink from our categories, ranging from spirits such as gin and rum, to brandy champagne or mocktails, list individual ingredients, add methods and your personalised notes to each recipe.

You can create a list with your go-to cocktails or search by name or main ingredients. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can also explore and add to our curated interactive library of over 100 delicious cocktails, from timeless recipes to modern taste breakers and learn more about the background and origin of each one.

Cocktail Manual

Sketch Ideas

Sketch Ideas Sketch Ideas

Random idea generator

Every now and then you might be faced with a blank page and absolutely no idea how to fill it. We’ve come up with a quick and fun solution for creative block, all you need to do is just start the app, tap a button and get a fresh idea, then tap again and another “task” is on. It’s so easy!

For the moments you feel inspired you can use the app to store your own ideas. Just swipe down and add a new who/what statement. You can also change the existing who/what texts or delete the ones which don’t like or doesn’t fit your interests or expertise. Tap the edit icon in the upper left corner and change the text. Delete the text and press Done if you want to delete it from your statements. Tap again the edit icon if you want to cancel. Lock the who or what by using the button in the upper right corner and tap the refresh button.

Sketch Ideas